The Key To Success Is Sharing

Original. Authentic. Relationship Cultivation.

Who is Howie?

Howie is an everyday man of God, who through his own life experiences, learned how to succeed by identifying the gifts put inside him, that bring people together, on many different levels.

Most importantly he has learned how to cultivate the gifts that exist in us all, and how to show others how to do the same.

Learning is a gift!

What Howie Does:

He Shares!

A lifetime worth of insights, experiences and knowledge gained from many different ups and downs, is what Howie shares with every audience in his own unique, engaging and entertaining style. Rooted in strong faith and higher power thinking, Howie delivers from his authentic heart, every time.

Sharing Cultivates Meaningful Relationships!

Howie Keeps Busy.

On a variety of topics entered around relationships, Howie has addressed audiences throughout North America at conferences and events in Chicago, San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Quebec City and Ottawa.

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